Maze Alpha

In a world full of shiny new high-end smartphones, the Maze Alpha stands out like a beacon. It has the same dazzling display as the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, and Xiaomi Mi Mix, with a dual-lens camera that’s hard to beat at this price point. It also has a battery that’s big enough to last a day or two before recharging is required.

Best of all, it’s available for under $225. Chinese electronics specialist GearBest is where we got ours, but it’s not difficult to pick up a Maze Alpha on Amazon or elsewhere.

The Maze alpha – and its siblings – are a great example of the cost of entry going down while keeping the quality high. It has a lot of features that you’d normally expect to pay extra for, including a fingerprint scanner and a dual-lens camera. But the real star is the display.

Using the latest in display tech, the Alpha’s display delivers devicemaze an impressive 2K resolution for a smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen. The colour scheme is also rich and vibrant, and the screen does a good job of hiding the pixels, even under the glare of an outdoor light bulb or a bright desk lamp.

Aside from the display, it also has a hefty 4000mAh battery and a fast-charging USB Type-C connector. The device also manages to deliver decent performance with the mediatek helio P25 processor inside.

The most interesting feature of the maze alpha is its ability to simulate an Android tablet with the same level of fidelity as your regular smartphone. This is made possible by a nifty integration with figma.

The maze alpha is a solid, well-built device that’s easy to use and a joy to use. The touchscreen is a tad too large and it could do with a better fingerprint sensor, but overall it’s a fantastic smartphone that’s a cut above the rest for less than $200.

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