If you are licensed to sell real estate in the state of Oregon, you are required to complete continuing education classes each two years. You are required to take courses on the latest changes to the law and administrative rules, as well as professional ethics. These courses can be completed online. There are different course requirements depending on the type of license you hold. Generally, producers must complete 24 hours of CE every two years. Producers who sell flood insurance and annuities are required to also attend a three-hour training session. Licensed realtors and brokers are required to complete 30 hours of Continuing Education for renewal.

The CPMI offers an affordable and interactive online program. They offer courses that cover real-world examples, performance indicators, and ethics programming. This curriculum is approved by the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation, as well as by the Oregon Insurance Division. As a result, these courses are considered to be highly reputable.

OnlineEd offers a wide range of online Oregon Continuing Education courses. These courses can be completed at home, on any internet connected device. Courses are available for a variety of license types and are designed for a variety of learning styles. Upon course completion, you can download a certificate of completion directly from your student dashboard. Unlike in person programs, students do not have to proctor the final exam. However, the final exam is a closed book and must be passed with a 70 percent or higher.

Continuing Education requirements for licensed real estate agents can be found on the Oregon REALTOR(r)s website. Check the calendar for classes offered in your area. Depending on theĀ Oregon Continuing Education type of real estate license you hold, you may need to complete more or less hours. Similarly, if you are a viatical settlement broker, you need to complete four hours of CE credits. For property managers, you need to complete the 27-hour Broker Advanced Practices course.

Tax preparers are required to complete a course on Oregon Publication 17. Additionally, tax preparers who renew in less than three years must have 30 hours of OBTP CE. Licensees who fail to meet this requirement will be suspended. Taking this training is an effective way to keep up with the changes in the law.

Other requirements include taking an eight-hour Long Term Care Training course every two years. Licensed electricians and journeyman plumbers must complete 24 hours of CE every three years. Plumbers must have at least six hours of education that focuses on code changes.

Oregon self-study courses can be completed on any internet connected device. However, these courses cannot be repeated for credit during a single license renewal period. In addition, these courses must be computerized and include safeguards to prevent review of the study material. A producer must pass a final exam with a score of 70 percent or more to receive CE credit.

Non-resident producers are required to complete substantially similar CE requirements. These requirements include a 3-hour Oregon Law and Administrative Rules course and a 3-hour course on Oregon statutes.

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