If you’re looking for a great place to receive your microblading treatments, you can find some excellent choices in the microblading west Los Angeles area. Here are three great spots to visit: STARK IN SILVER LAKE, a 3X Master Microblading artist and studio in West Hollywood. We’ve also included information about Ruth Swissa, Erica Kovitz, and Mio.

STARK IN SILVER LAKE is a microblading west los

Located in the heart of the Beverly Hills district, Stark in Silver Lake is a premier destination for those looking for professional skin care and eyebrow lamination. You’ll find top notch therapists offering the most cutting-edge services in the Los Angeles area. They offer everything from eyebrow lamination to microblading, so you can rest assured that your brows will be enhanced to perfection.

Mio is a 3X certified Master Microblading artist

In addition to her background in makeup, Mio is also a 3X Master Microblading artist. She has studied at the Beauty Angels Academy and Phibrow Academies. Mio, originally from Japan, has lived in Los Angeles for 5 years. She is passionate about natural brows and loves working with clients. To learn more about Mio, please visit her website at miomicroblading.com.

Ruth Swissa is a microblading practitioner

When looking for a microblading near me practitioner in West LA, you may be wondering about Ruth Swissa’s credentials. While she’s a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, she doesn’t just do brows. She also performs medical micropigmentation procedures. Ruth has extensive experience working with plastic surgeons to treat patients with scars, vitiligo, and areola re-pigmentation. Her work is particularly meaningful because she has helped women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer recover from their ordeals. ‘Botched’ has also featured Ruth on multiple occasions, and she will continue to do so in season 7.

Unlike a traditional makeup artist, Ruth Swissa is certified in medical micropigmentation and has a background in skin care. Her family has been in the aesthetic industry for three generations. She attended fine arts school abroad, where she studied different art forms, including sculpture and calligraphy. Ruth prides herself on her state-of-the-art techniques and her excellent judgment. She offers a complimentary consultation for anyone interested in getting a microblading procedure done.

Erica Kovitz is a microblading artist

If you’re looking for the best Microblading artist in West Los Angeles, look no further. The owner of Beverly Hills Microblading and The Tanning Boutique, Erica Arana Kovitz, has been in the Medical Spa and Beauty industry for over 15 years. A former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, she understands the importance of looking your best.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Autumn Kovitz studied nursing and is now pursuing a career as an aesthetic nurse practitioner. She got her start in the field of microblading by getting trained by celebrity microblading artist, Erica Kovitz. Her latest venture is offering a natural microblading solution. She has an extensive background in aesthetics and has a passion for beauty.

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