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Whether you want to improve your house, make it more attractive or save on your electricity bills, a Home Improvement Blog can help you do it. Read some of the articles and tips from fellow homeowners at Classy Clutter, Remodelaholic, MyMove, and Kelly’s View Along the Way. And if you’re planning on a home renovation, you’ll want to check out MyMove, a site that focuses on green home improvement.

Classy Clutter

A blog featuring the DIY skills of best friends Savannah and Mallory has recently been featured on the popular design website. The two friends’ goal is to inspire other people to get creative, whether it be with their home decor, DIY projects, or organizing tips. In fact, their blog has become a popular resource for home improvement and design ideas. Savannah and Mallory’s garage is an example of a room that has been transformed using Reclaime White Wash Oak Planks.


MyMove Home Improvement Blog is a leading online destination for home renovation and design, with 3.8 million unique monthly visitors. With daily tips, advice, and 90,000+ images of great interior products and architectural projects, MyMove is the place to go for home improvement ideas and inspiration. In addition to providing tips, MyMove also offers cost-conscious home improvement plans and reviews of the latest home products.

Kelly’s View Along The Way

If you are looking for fun in home improvement, look no further than Kelly’s View Along The Way. This blog is both interactive and futuristic, a great way to improve your home while having fun! With a wealth of information, you’re bound to find something you love about this site. Here are some reasons why you’ll love Kelly’s View Along the Way:


The Remodelaholic home improvement blog is a great resource for DIY projects and creative home decorating. The blog is written by Cassity, who is currently working on her fifth project house. Her motto is “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and her DIY project posts are filled with photos and videos. Her focus is on eco-friendly home improvements, including outdoor improvements. Her site is also a great resource for DIY home decor and holiday crafts.

Tasha’s Designer Trapped

Tasha’s Designer Trapped is a home improvement blog run by an attorney turned decorator. In her previous life, Tasha practiced litigation, but her passion for interior design led her to pursue blogging full-time. The blog features her personal experiences with remodeling her own home and provides tips on how to save money while doing your own project. You’ll discover how to transform your home for less than $71!

Brittany’s Pretty Handy Girl

The home improvement blog pretty handy girl.com is created by Brittany Bailey. It is a great source of DIY inspiration and provides step-by-step instructions for various home improvement projects. Brittany is a general contractor, artist, photographer, and designer who aims to promote the idea of doing it yourself, rather than hiring a professional. Some of her recent posts include how to build a table, finish wood floors without sanding, and fix a leaky faucet.

Holly and Martin’s Homey Improvements

As a thrifty shopper and homeowner, Holly and Martin started their blog “Holly and Martin’s Homey Improvements” in order to share their home improvement tips and tricks. Their mission is to redesign homes with thrift store items while keeping the budget low. Whether you need a new kitchen or an updated home office, there’s a remodel or repair they can help you with. You can also find their tips and tricks on reshaping a kitchen or home office.

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