EVR Products manufacture a variety of rubber-based products. These include standard products and custom-designed items. These products are used in many different industries and applications. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors. This wide range of products makes it easier for customers to find the right one for their specific needs.

Expansion joints

When choosing evr products, it is important to know the different types and sizes of expansion joints available. These joints can range in size from one inch to 72 inches. The spring rate, material, and design all play a role in the ease of joint movement. The newer technologies also offer the added benefit of allowing the joint to be repositioned during installation. This reduces the need for replacement stocking items and allows for lighter pump mounts.

The design of expansion joints can vary widely, so it’s important to consider the application when choosing the right one. Some are made of rubber, while others are made of metal. While rubber is more flexible and pliable, metal expansion joints are stiffer and can handle higher temperatures and pressures. Choosing the right material also depends on the types of media to be manipulated and the environment they’ll be exposed to. The PTFE expansion joint is a good option for applications that involve high pressures or vibration.

Pinch valves

EVR is a custom manufacturer of a variety of rubber products including control and manual pinch valves. Their product range also includes expansion joints, pressure sensors, and duct & flexible connectors. They serve numerous industries and applications, including the chemical, petrochemical, and waste and water treatment industries.

EVR began operations in 1984, initially focusing on the mining industry. Since then, the company has grown into a global company based on its commitment to quality and customer service. Today, it is one of the largest ISO 9001-certified manufacturers of elastomeric piping products.

Duct connectors

The EVR series includes duct connectors for air, gas, and liquid lines. Available in several shapes and sizes, these connectors are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial ductwork. They are available in complete assemblies or as individual components. TheĀ evr product company’s standard products include flanged and belted fittings, duct elbows, and female and male couplings.

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products was founded in 1984 in Ontario, Canada. The company designs and manufactures custom-made products for many industries. The company offers engineering expertise with respect to elastomers, and the ability to tailor its solutions to meet any application. Their core product line consists of rubber expansion joints, duct connectors, elbows, hoses, check valves, and pressure sensors.

Pump connectors

There are two types of pump connectors for evr products. One is rubber, and is more resistant to vibration than the other. Rubber connectors are used in centrifugal pumps. They can withstand cycling vibration, which is often caused by bearing failure. Pump connectors should be checked regularly to ensure that they are still working properly.

Another type of pump connector is made of stainless steel. This type features a multi-ply bellows and carbon steel 150# flanges on the ends. It also includes control rods. Stainless steel bellows type expansion joints are also available in piping runs, but they are more expensive than rubber joints. This type also requires more information because it has thermal expansion.

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