A Florida native, George Scorsis, is an accomplished businessman and is a CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. He is the President and CEO of Red Bull Canada and has also volunteered for numerous organizations. He has split his time between his homes in Toronto and Tampa. His involvement with the cannabis industry has been both beneficial and controversial. Although he is currently residing in Florida, he continues to be active in the state. Learn more about him at https://medium.com/@george_scorsis/george-scorsis-liberty-health-sciences-a6158ccb28a2.

George Scorsis Florida

A prominent businessman, George Scorsis is well-known in Florida and has extensive experience in the highly regulated industry. Prior to joining WeedMD, he was executive chairman and still has a small production facility in Ontario. He recently retired from his executive duties, but maintains an interest in the Florida company. He has a strong interest in the state’s cannabis industry and has committed himself to finding a solution for his community.

A highly successful businessman, George Scorsis has worked in different industries, including the pharmaceutical industry and e-commerce. He has also been the President of Red Bull Canada and a former executive at Red Bull. His involvement in the cannabis industry is noteworthy. He recently bought Starseed, a cannabis dispensary in Ontario. In his role as CEO of WeedMD, George Scorsis has been a major player in the cannabis industry. As a businessman, he has the potential to help patients and businesses facing medical marijuana issues.

The former CEO of Canopy Health Sciences, George Scorsis focused on starting his own business. Then, he stepped out of the limelight and founded Liberty Health Sciences, the largest medical cannabis operation in Florida. He was then acquired by multi-state operator Ayr Strategies, which later became Ayr Wellness. After retirement, George Scorsis was named executive chairman of WeedMD, a cannabis company in Florida. In addition, Scorsis opened three dispensaries in the state, and he was well on his way to dominating the medical marijuana industry.

A highly regarded businessman in Florida, George Scorsis has remained active in various industries. He has been involved in the medical marijuana industry for years and is a volunteer for various organizations. He has also made several significant contributions to charitable causes in Florida. His philanthropic spirit has enabled him to support numerous initiatives that benefit people. As a businessman, he has proved himself to be a valuable asset to the state.

George Scorsis is an accomplished businessman who has been involved in the medical marijuana industry for 15 years. He is also actively involved in various charitable endeavors in Florida and has donated to several organizations and Red Bull Canada. He plans to continue his charitable work in the state. This is because he is a passionate supporter of the medical marijuana industry in Florida.

Scorsis is a highly experienced businessman. He has been active in the medical marijuana industry for over 15 years and has contributed to many organizations, including Red Bull Canada. As a parent, you’ll be glad to know that George is committed to his Florida charity work. He is a strong advocate of the medical marijuana industry. If you’re a parent, you can trust your kids’ health in his hands. Just remember to use protective measures and you’ll be safe.

In addition to being a benefactor for the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis Florida is also active in charitable activities. He has been involved in the Florida medical marijuana industry and donated to many charities, including the Agincourt Food Bank. His charity work has helped the state of Florida. However, he is now stepping aside from his executive duties to devote more time to his family. As a result, he has become a very important figure in the state of Florida.

George Scorsis has been active in the Florida cannabis industry, contributing to the state’s medical marijuana industry with the creation of three dispensaries. Throughout his career, he has been committed to making the cannabis industry safer and more accessible for everyone. His mission statement and name reflect his commitment to the state. As an avid entrepreneur, Scorsis has helped make Florida a great place to live. So, while the cannabis industry is still a developing one, the businessman’s contributions to Florida will not be diminished.

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